Tournament Information Course Map

The 18-hole “Seaside” course at the Sea Island Golf Club in St. Simons Island, Georgia features 7,055 yards of golf from the championship tees for a par of 70. The course rating is 73.1 and it has a slope rating of 141 on Bermuda grass. Designed by Colt & Alison/(R) Thomas Fazio, ASGCA, the Seaside golf course opened in 1929.


  • 1

    Hole 1 | Par 4

    417 yards

    This starting hole is a slight dog-leg left with bunkers protecting the right side of the fairway.  After a good tee shot, the player is left with a slightly uphill second shot to a  raised green protected on the left by a greenside bunker.

  • 2

    Hole 2 | Par 4

    415 yards

    A difficult driving hole with marsh and bunker left and water on the right.  The second shot to this green can be made very difficult depending on pin position as a bunker and water protects the right side and a peninsula green provides a difficult back pin placement.

  • 3

    Hole 3 | Par 3

    204 yards

    A challenging par three with a bunker guarding the front of the green.  Missing the green to the left will provide a difficult up and down for par.

  • 4

    Hole 4 | Par 4

    429 yards

    This spectacular par four demands precision off the tee with marsh left and a lake to the right.  The second shot to this green is made difficult as a bunker protects the left side of the green and chipping swales fall off on all other sides.

  • 5

    Hole 5 | Par 4

    409 yards

    A difficult tee shot on this sharp dog-leg right can setup a short iron second shot for the longer hitters or a mid-to-long iron for those playing it safe.  The green is protected by a greenside bunker on the right as well as marsh running the right side and behind the green.

  • 6

    Hole 6 | Par 3

    179 yards

    A downhill par three protected by a bunker in front and water behind the green.  This hole is always made difficult by swirling winds and requires the right club selection.

  • 7

    Hole 7 | Par 5

    582 yards

    The lone par five on the front side is flanked with water to the right and dunes to the left.  A good tee shot, depending on the wind, can leave a player the opportunity to reach this green in two shots.  A second shot lay-up is made difficult by a large fairway bunker left and dunes to the right.  The green has substantial movement and is protected by marsh long and right.

  • 8

    Hole 8 | par 4

    368 yards

    A short par four that provides players with many options off the tee.  A 3- wood or long iron off the tee will leave a short, slightly uphill iron in for a second shot.  A false front protects front pin locations and a large right greenside bunker protects back right pin locations.

  • 9

    Hole 9 | Par 4

    452 yards

    A long par four with a bunker protecting the left side of the fairway.  After a good tee shot, players will be left with a mid-to-long second shot to a green protected by a large greenside bunker to the left.

  • 10

    Hole 10 | Par 4

    418 yards

    Not an extremely long par four, but one that requires two solid golf shots.  With water left and a large bunker to the right, a solid tee shot is a must to be in position to attack this raised green protected by a large bunker both front and right.

  • 11

    Hole 11 | Par 4

    425 yards

    A difficult tee shot as bunkers flank both the right and left sides.  Longer hitters can carry the left bunker leaving a short iron in for the second shot.  The green tilts from back to front and is protected by bunkers right and left as well as marsh long.

  • 12

    Hole 12 | Par 3

    223 yards

    A long par three that is at the mercy of the wind.  Playing to the center of the green, regardless of pin position, will be the aim of all players.  A large bunker protects the right side of the green making it attractive as players must negotiate the marsh short and left.

  • 13

    Hole 13 | Par 4

    408 yards

    This signature hole plays once again at the mercy of the wind.  Players have to negotiate the marsh running the entire left side of the hole while paying attention to three large fairway bunkers protecting the right side.  An uphill shot to a green protected by a large front bunker makes birdie on this hole a bonus.

  • 14

    Hole 14 | Par 4

    442 yards

    This long par four is set up by the drive.  Players must play far enough left to avoid the large oak trees that can inhibit the second shot on this hole, while avoiding the marsh to the left.  Set upon the Atlantic, wind is always a factor here and while there are no bunkers guarding the green, marsh runs the entire left side making the swales right of the green a common place to play third shots.

  • 15

    Hole 15 | Par 5

    565 yards

    Long hitters can carry the fairway bunker stretching across the left side to have a shot at reaching this par five. For those unable to carry the bunker, they must play right on the tee shot and lay up for a short third shot. The raised green is very well protected with bunkers left and right and back pin positions can provide a very difficult two putt.

  • 16

    Hole 16 | Par 4

    407 yards

    This signature hole requires thinking on the tee.  With a tidal creek running the entire left side of the driving area, players will hit their tee shots out to the right, but the farther right you play, the longer the second shot to the well protected green.  A bunker protects the green on the front, right side while a false front runs the entire left side.

  • 17

    Hole 17 | Par 3

    192 yards

    Once again, the wind plays a large part in this hole requiring correct club choice.  Two large bunkers protect this large green that provides multiple pin locations.

  • 18

    Hole 18 | Par 4

    470 yards

    A great finishing hole that requires both length and accuracy off the tee.  At 470 yards, players have to negotiate fairway bunkers both right and left to have a second shot in to the green protected by bunkers both left and front right.  A great finshing hole that can provide great shots for a dramatic finish.